the dungeon-building video game

Become a boss, build a dungeon, and destroy puny heroes! The best-selling indie card game is becoming a video game.

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What will the digital version be like?

Digital Boss Monster will mimic all the gameplay available in the tabletop version while also taking advantage of the digital format to enhance your play experience. You will be able to play Digital Boss Monster on PC, Kindle, iPad & Android tablets.

Video game features
Single Player

Play against up to three AI Bosses in solo play.


Challenge other human opponents online across all available platforms.


Discover new enhanced cards that take advantage of the digital platform!

Authentic Play

Play with all bosses, rooms, and spells available in the game, and let the app do the math for you.

Retro Audio

Top-notch music and retro-inspired sound effects by Power Up Audio.

Play worldwide

If you have an iPad and your friend has an Android tablet, you can still play together. You will be able to face your opponents no matter their platform or location!


Unlock the full 155-card core game, with several expansions coming soon. Stay tuned for news!

Meet the bosses
King croak Sultan of the Sewers
800 XP
Level up

Search the Room deck or discard pile for an Advanced Monster Room. You may immediately build the Room

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